Recycling Program

Yukon Recycles

All Volunteer Center, Serving Yukon since 1993
111 Ash
Located 2 blocks north of Main Street, 1 block west of Highway 4/Piedmont Road/Cornwell

Open Saturday
9am - 12pm
Closed holiday weekends and inclement weather 

(405) 945-2944 

Please help the volunteers by placing your recyclable materials in the proper bin.

Volunteers needed, wanted, and welcomed!
Please volunteer with us. Call the hotline and leave your name and phone number. Thank you! 

Additional recycling information available at Earth911.

Accepted Materials

Plastics #1 & #2
  • Please rinse and flatten
  • Please remove any metal parts
  • Lids now accepted for recycling
  • Cannot accepts antifreeze, motor oil, pesticide/herbicide containers.
Steel/Tin (will stick to a magnet)
  • Please remove any plastic parts
  • No aerosol cans accepted
  • Cannot accept any type of spray pain, varnish, or lacquer cans
  • Only accepting green, brown, and clear colored glass
  • Food and beverage containers only
Aluminum (will not stick to a magnet)
  • Cans and food containers only
  • Please rinse and flatten, if possible
Newspaper/Office Paper
  • Officer paper, junk mail, catalogs, magazines, loose shredded paper in office paper bin
  • Please remove all plastic and metal parts
Phone Books
  • Only accepted once per year in the fall
  • AT&T determines when the bin will be placed
  • Corrugated cardboard and paperboard such as cereal boxes and pop cartons
  • Please remove foam, styrofoam, plastic, and other packing material
  • Please remove metal and plastic parts
  • Please make sure all cardboard is flat
  • Cannot accept cardboard coated with any type of waterproof material
Ink Catridges
  • Now accepting ink cartridges
Rechargeable Batteries

Please take rechargeable batteries to Staples located at 1701 S. Garth Brooks Blvd

Compact Florescent Bulbs

Please take compact florescent bulbs (cfl) to Lowes located at 1605 S. Garth Brooks Blvd

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

The household hazardous waste collection facility is located at SW 15th and Portland. Residency restrictions apply. Visit the hazardous waste page for more details.